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Raw-pharma is an steroid shop and pharmaceutical company with an integrated approach specialising in providing the steroid tablets and injectablet steroids in the areas of beauty and bodybuilding.

Established by Professional in the field of health studies,nutrition, medicine and aesthetics, raw-pharma differentiate itself by re-innovating and gathering expert opinions through close R&D efforts mainly in the London.

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At the Raw-pharma steroid shop we currently sell injectable steroids and steroid tablets with high quality standards.

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Raw-pharma is committed to meeting the needs of our bodybuilders, and their satisfaction is our top priority.

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In our Raw-pharma steroid shop you can buy anabolic steroids safely and without hesitation.


Raw Pharma is specialiazed in manufacturing and marketing steroid pharmaceutical products like oral steroid tablets and injectable steroids. Our mission is to Serve Global Healthcare needs through Empathy, Innovation and Technology by developing new and safe medicines to prevent the Health of Humankind from most serious diseases. The Raw-pharma.com steroid shop focuses on providing high quality for anabolic steroids, safe, effective and affordable medicines and related health care services to the bodybuilder who need them most.

Bodybuilders respect and trust raw-pharma steroids because of the high ethical bodybuilder standards of its personnel. Our business practices and quality control guidelines are designed to ensure the production of superior anabolic steroid products.

Raw Pharma Steroid Delivery

Raw pharma ships safely and inconspicuously in neutrally packed parcels, we guarantee safe parcel delivery within the european union for countries like france, germany, spain, italy and many more.

The shipping cost is 20€ and each customer receives his tracking id. For each country we use different shipping providers like dhl, hermes, ups or gls.

The raw pharmaceuticals shipping time is 2-4 days after receipt of payment and should arrive within 8 days. Should a package not arrive we will resend it once free of charge.

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Steroid Shop Payment Methods

In the raw-pharma steroid shop you can pay securely by bitcoins, additionally we offer bank transfer or for some new clients paypal payments.

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Our official trustet steroid shops and partners from the european union with safe and trustet shipping service.

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